Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bavarian Festival Parade- June 14

John and I enjoyed viewing the parade today with a few of our Hensler cousins and their families. The parade's floats pretty much represented everything that is synonymous with Frankenmuth and Michigan itself. This area is proud of its' heritage(note the picture of the float with the large cow). Fifteen Franconians from Bavaria arrived in the Saginaw Valley in 1845. They named their small settlement Frankenmuth, meaning"courage of the Franconians". Those who came were German Lutheran immigrants and their faith was important to them. That faith is still reflected in Frankenmuth today. This area is replete with Lutheran churches and schools. Five of them had floats in the parade today, and there was also the Frankenmuth Bible Church, proudly announcing the message of the Gospel. I thought of our own Praise Band back home when I saw St.Martin's band. I have that picture posted here. Another picture which I have posted is that of the float advertising Bronner's Christmas store; that place usually pops into my head immediately when I hear the word Frankenmuth. I have more pictures to share with you and will post them tomorrow.

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