Friday, June 12, 2009

Bavarian Festival- June 12

There was not the huge crowd that we were expecting tonight at the festival. This was the second day of the activities and my guess is that many people chose to stay home tonight to watch the Detroit Redwings win the Stanley Cup. After a chicken dinner was served at Heritage Park in Frankenmuth there was a spring celebration with the raising of the Maypole. You can see here what the Maypole looked like and how the ribbons were wrapped around the pole by the German folk dancers. It was quite fascinating and,with the German music, very enjoyable. In the picture, where the women are holding up wreaths of flowers, the dance was to the tune of the "Happy Wanderer" After that entertainment; a glass or two of beer, and further listening to the German band, I must say we had a pleasant summer evening. Wait, there is one more item that made the evening. The other picture is that of my husband John dancing a polka with one of the ladies of the royal court( each year a woman is crowned as the Bavarian Princess). John can still dance a polka with style!

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