Sunday, May 31, 2009

Frankenmuth- May 31

We have a beautiful sunny day here in Frankenmuth, but there is a cool wind with it. Seems like John and I are doing something wrong. We decided on this lifestyle because we never wanted to feel cold again. So here we sit on the last day of May, not venturing out(we already did that this morning attending church), and sitting inside with sweaters on! I am ready to head back to Florida. Speaking of church,we went to St.Lorenz for Pentecost services. They did something which was novel (at least this was a first for me), and this was in keeping with the story of the Gospel going out to all nations. St.Lorenz had all the music for the service with origins from around the world. So we heard and sang songs from Mexico, Africa, and Germany- to name a few of the countries represented. And I also want to mention something here, which I forgot in my blog on the Thumb of Michigan. For members of my family who may be interested, our trip to the Thumb area also included the city of Port Hope. Two of our uncles, Pastor K.Lohrmann and Pastor E.Sanders served at the Lutheran church there. The church is St.Johns and I will post a picture of it here.

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