Saturday, May 16, 2009

This and That- May 16

It has rained here all day yesterday and most of the night- sky now is overcast. The lake at this campground has gone over the banks and an exit road is under water. The good news is that we are on high ground and it is not presently raining. Wanted to share with you a few road signs which we saw on our trip here. At a rest stop we noticed a sign that warned against unloading livestock. Don't believe I have ever noticed goats or cows grazing at a rest stop. Would be a first for me. One other sign I saw that made me shudder: " Thugs will not attack if teacher has a gun" for more information on that go to guns save I cannot imagine a teacher pulling out a gun in her classroom when students get out of hand. And a sign that is needed: "cell phone usage lane". John and I got in a lane on the highway in which the traffic was moving very slowly. We could not see in, in the distance ahead, what could be causing the slowdown. As we drove out of that lane and passed up the slower moving traffic we counted four cell phone users in a row in that lane.

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