Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Valparaiso Graduation, May 17

I have had some questions regarding the Valparaiso graduation, which we attended Sunday. I was surprised to find out that what I had written on that did not get posted, so I will try again. It was a wonderful week-end in that John and I got to see many family members, twenty-two to be exact. I have nine brothers and sisters, of which three of the brothers had children graduating. I will post a picture of the graduates on this blog. Growing up with that many sisters and brothers was not easy because to survive as a family we had to learn to share everything, even our parent's love for us. But as the years have passed I am very grateful for every one of my siblings. We have seen each other through many of the joys and sorrows of life. And that was somewhat the theme of Professor Wangerin's message to the graduates. He said that when we look at our economy, military and infrastructure what matters is parents and children and how they care for each other. President Heckler had a similar message in the Baccalaureate service. He commented to the graduates that amassing a large fortune or climbing the corporate ladder is not as important as caring for one's fellow man. And to my thinking such caring first begins in the family.

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