Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 2- St.Charles Mo.

Postings may slow up awhile we are sitting here in St. Charles. However, we are keeping busy visiting family and friends. Last evening we were privileged to hear The St.Louis Philharmonic Orchestra (our nephew David Austerberry plays the cello in the orchestra). As per usual, they had a fantastic performance. Today my husband John and I and all three of my sisters went to see the movie The Soloist ( starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Fox). We were all in agreement that that was one out-standing movie. It made it very understandable why both schizophrenia and homelessness ( which quite often go hand in hand) are societal issues which have no easy answer. The most powerful statement for me, in the movie, was the comment that friendship may change one's brain chemistry. Sorry if this sounds like an arts and entertainment review, and not a travel blog. And on that subject, we discovered there are two nice walking paths over the fence from us. One path is part of a St.Charles city park, and the other running parallel to it is the Mo. Katy trail ( which use to be an old railroad line that runs across the state). It has been redone so it can be used for hiking and biking. The Missouri river come close to it here in St.Charles. Currently it is up over its banks in some areas- flowing hard and fast. We may slow up on our blogging for awhile now, but we hope all of our readers stay in touch as we will be continuing our travels in a couple of weeks. Heading back East, however with a more northernly route.

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