Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fairy Doors- May 27

We headed to Ann Arbor today, Kerrytown being our first stop there. In the May 24 issue of the Toledo Blade Christopher Borelli remarks that "Ann Arbor after Disney World is the second happiest place on earth". That remark seems to be relating to the many good culinary delights he found in Ann Arbor. A year ago I had a delicious fish sandwich at Monahan's Seafood Market and today at Zingermann's delicatessen I enjoyed a smoked trout and spinach sandwich. My little culinary experience in Ann Arbor has also been a pleasant one. After lunch we walked around Kerrytown and were pleased to discover that this was the day of the Farmer's Market. There we were greeted with a sign that read: "buy local or bye-bye local". Much as we were tempted to buy up plants and produce, that was not in our plans for the day. We went on to the Visitor's Center of Ann Arbor where I noticed a poster on the wall there showing a variety of fairy doors. After asking the clerk in the center as to where these doors were located, I found to my delight that they were located in various buildings around the city. We would never have guessed that we would be spending most of our afternoon in Ann Arbor looking for fairy doors! Apparently a fairy (Jonathan B.Wright) started in 2005 to pick various buildings in which he would place the fairy doors. I posted a picture here of one of those doors,located at the Selo-Shevel Gallery. Possibly you may see the gifts on the door step, like one froot loop,a stick of gum and some stones. Children like to place these little gifts in front of the fairy doors. Mr.Wright then removes them and places the gifts inside the little doll house which he built behind the fairy door located at the shop called the Peaceable Kingdom on Main Street. We found about four of these doors when oops- we realized we had run out of time with our parking meter! We were only a couple of blocks from the next fairy door but decided that we did not want to pay a parking fine. Sure enough, shortly after we arrived at the parking lot a police officer was making his round of the meters. One would think there would be some leniency there for tourists- especially considering how much we were already paying for the meter,which was a quarter for every fifteen minutes! All in all, we did have a pleasant day in Ann Arbor.

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