Friday, May 8, 2009

April 8- trying out our new bikes

Did not think that I would have too much to write about while sitting here in St.Charles. Actually, the last several days we have been in Farmington visiting John's sister Carolyn and her husband Jim. We could not leave when we wanted today because of a very dark sky and tornado warnings (actually were up late last night because there were tornado warnings then also). We spent some time in the basement this noon because that time around we decided to take the warnings seriously. Before heading to the basement, however, we found it fascinating to watch the storm clouds roll in and the wind build in strength. Fortunately the storm did not cause major damage in the immediate area we were in. Other areas in Farmington did not fare as well, as some buildings had structural damages, and power outages occured because of trees being topppled. Creeks and rivers are all ready filled so there was also flash flooding. We did make it out of town, however. By the time we reached home the sun was out and it was hard to believe what we had experienced earlier in the day. So we hauled out our new bikes and tried them on the Katy trail. We bought the bikes earlier this week. They are quite different than the bikes we use to own. We wanted our new bikes to be foldable, to easily fit in our Honda. And the only ones in stock at the bike shop we went to were electric. To make a long story short, we discarded the battery packs for the bikes ( they were way to heavy to travel with). Amazingly enough, we enjoyed our short trip on the Katy trail tonight with those bikes. And yes, they do require a bit of leg power. But the sheer ease of getting them out of the car and unfolded so they can can be ridden makes them great little bicycles. Quite comfortable,too. Before I close I want to share with you all something I read today: "may you always be overwhelmed by the Grace of God rather than the cares of life".

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