Friday, May 15, 2009

Hana, Indiana- May 15

We left St.Louis Mo. yesterday about 3PM, and arrived here about 10PM. The weather was nice so we decided to keep going. Not a bad decision, as today it is cool and rainy. We had a late start yesterday because our motor home was in the repair shop until about noon. The mechanic at the repair shop helped us to finally understand why we seem to have so many little things coming loose or disconnecting in our home. He explained that when we are traveling on the road what is happening with our home is that it is going through little earthquakes, depending on how bad the road is. I thought of what he said yesterday as we were driving here and coming over some pretty rough roads. And, yes, we now have some new rattles which we may need to check out! After we left highway fifty-seven( through Illinois) we traveled through many small towns, which I did enjoy. But every little town seems to have railroad tracks, which only adds to our home's frequent bouncing and shaking. And the trains seem to startle our cat a bit. He is pretty much ensconced on our dash most of the time now; even after a train whistle jolted him from his nap yesterday, he quickly settled back down to snoozing. A well-traveled cat! As the rain is now coming down on our home at present, I can not help but commiserate with the farmers. Seeing the farmlands under water, as we drove here yesterday, makes me think that it will be awhile before planting can begin.

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