Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30- Returning to Missouri

We are now located in Sundermeier RV Park in St.Charles. Hoping to catch up with family tomorrow. We took old US 50 ( a two lane road most of the way). We still found southern Indiana quite pretty with its gently rolling hills. And everything quite green what with all the rain it has had! Saw a lot of swollen creeks and flooded farmland. Again, however, with the hills and a strong headwind it was slow going. KC added some excitement to the day by jumping on the dashboard while we were tooling along at 60mph! Most of the time he has been content curling up on the carpet between John and I while we are traveling. Today he jumped in my lap a couple of times, so I guess he figured nothing could happen with another higher leap. He certainly has come a long way from the timid cat who ran to hide in the back whenever the engine started up! He just curled up on the dash and closed his eyes, and I immediately reached for my camera so I could share this moment with with our bloggers. What intrigued me was that he flicked his tail most of the time he was up there. Maybe he knew he was giving John and I some excitement, or maybe he was just plain nervous about his experiment. Was he smart enough to know that a sudden jolt could send him flying? Maybe he was just trusting me to catch him-- who knows the mind of a cat?

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  1. Hey mom and dad -- wanted to let you know I've been following along with these posts. Keep them coming! You are probably some of the few RV bloggers out there (although you should do a search to see what else is going on on the internets). So KC is getting brave, huh? Robot just almost brought down a large stack of mail from the top of our file cabinet. Less charming...