Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 22- Wheeling West Virginia

Cool and rainy today. Maybe we should have stayed in Florida longer! Most of this morning spent trying to get our rear jack unstuck. Same jack we had problems with before. We had some rv repair shop come out to fix it. Guess we still have a lot to learn about the sensitivities of the leveling system of our motor home. In the afternoon we drove into Wheeling (we are camped in an Ohio state park outside of Wheeling). In Wheeling is the world's longest suspension bridge, built in 1849. We drove and walked across it. Being the good engineer that he is, John was totally fascinated with the structure of the bridge. I was rather intrigued with the sign on the street where we were parked: " No parking on Mondays from 8AM until the sweepers have passed". And how does a tourist know when the sweepers have passed??? Thank goodness it was Wednesday!

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