Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 7- motorhome in for repairs

Last night we noticed that our lights in the home were getting dim, and soon came to find out that we were fast losing electrical power. So we went into the rv repair shop in Richmond. Fortunately that turned out only to be a loose connection, an easy fix but it did take them awhile to find out where the problem was. The interesting part of this day concerned KC. As we were traveling into the city (I was driving the car and John the motorhome ), KC jumped into the passenger's seat and calmly watched the scenery going by. Over the past few weeks he has been moving up closer to us when we travel-- a couple of times he has walked up to me and I have grabbed him and held him as I sat in the passenger seat. He would curl up in my lap and tuck his head under my arm, daring occasionally to look up and gaze outside as cars and trucks whizzed past us. But he would never be willing to sit there for very long so he totally surprised John when he climbed into the seat. He did not sit there very long, but at least he did it! And it seems that we have at last got the dosage right for his medicine, he has been feeling a lot better lately. We just received pictures from Dan, our son, and Amanda, his girlfriend, related to our trip to Washington, D.C. One is a picture of them and the other is of Amanda and our daughter Melissa.

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