Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19- Listening to the Mountaineers

It was tempting to skip church today as we had a rather long day yesterday. But, as usual, it was a good experience and being at Christ the King Lutheran just seemed like the place we were meant to be. It felt a bit like being at our home church back in Mo. There were a few people who were quite friendly and eager to speak with us. The senior pastor does some traveling in an rv with his wife, and would have liked to hear of our experiences had we more time to spend with him. Outside the church is a small garden with benches, small statues and plaques with Bible verses on them. I was surprised to find out that it was an Eagle Scout project. In another area was a beautiful blooming Japanese Cherry tree, which is shown here. For the afternoon we drove into Washington D.C. We made it just in time to walk with Amanda and Dan to the Marx cafe. There Dan and his friend Micah had agreed to play for several hours on their guitars and sing bluegrass music. Their first gig together. The cafe should have been happy with the crowd they brought in, as about twenty of the customers there were family, friends and co-workers of Dan and Micah. Even Micah's parents, from Minnesota happened to be in town for the week-end. It did turn out to be a fun afternoon.

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  1. Hey nice pic. Good to see The Mountaineers are getting some attention from the blogging community. ha ha.