Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 25- Richmond Indiana

Our plans were that we would travel further into Indiana than we are at present. We had just gotten over the border from Ohio yesterday when we realized that, because of strong winds, it would be foolish to continue. We even saw a bird caught in mid-flight flapping its wings and unable to move forward because of the wind. With the two factors of the hills and the strong wind we were averaging 40mph! So we parked our rig in Richmond Indiana. And once here, we found that in Richmond there were some interesting places we would like to visit. It has Whitewater River Gorge Park, which runs through the town and has some very scenic trails alongside of it. We spent a good part of our day hiking around the park. Richmond is also known for its historic structures along Old National Road (US 40). One noted place is a monument to pioneer women- called the Madonna of the Trail. I will post a picture of that monument, as well as a sign I found near it. The sign commemorates the first toll road, and it is located near the statue of the pioneer woman. Those two monuments just did not seem to belong together. I could not imagine a pioneer women getting up the courage to head West with her little ones only to be told that her first steps on this treacherous journey required a toll to be paid! And I am sure back then that those toll roads were not paved!

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