Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 26- Free Spirit Campground

We attended services this morning at First English Lutheran in Richmond. Always is a a small hassle trying to figure out where to attend church in a strange city. But, as is has happened before, once we got to the church it was well worth the effort. The preaching and music were inspirational, members and pastors friendly and welcoming. An added bonus was that the senior pastor, John Walker, knew my brother Marcus. After services we traveled to Columbus Indiana ( south of Indianapolis). Shortly after we started out I again noticed (as I had Friday) a bird caught in mid-flight and unable to progress forward very fast because of the wind. And so it happened again that we could only move our rig at a snail's pace to get here. And I thought we were now going to see the flat lands of the Midwest. But once we turned south we encountered hills, which also slowed our pace, but the scenery was worth it. What is time now that we are free spirits, right? Tomorrow we plan to tour the city of Columbus, touted as " unexpected and unforgettable". It apparently ranks six out of ten for a U.S. city designed well ( Chicago ranks number one,by the way). Will report back to you tomorrow about Columbus, Indiana

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