Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 12- Richmond

A Blessed Easter to all our blog readers. Hope you all had the beautiful Spring day we had here. We saw a lot of blooming azalea, redbud and dogwood trees today- it must be the peak time here for such beautiful foliage. Wish every Easter could be this late in the season, it just seems that the beauty of Spring fits in so naturally with the joy of Easter. We attended services with Melissa, Daniel and Amanda. Melissa played for the prelude with the flute choir. In the afternoon we took a walk along the historical canal area of Richmond. I believe that a time back you asked about our kitchen in the rv, Jason. I am pretty much cooking the same way I always did. My pressure cooker is coming in handy now- it cuts down on total cooking time and is versatile for a variety of dishes. Actually, I like it all being confined to a smaller area- I do not have far to reach for anything. However, storage space is limited and everthing has to fit in a certain way. Does take some digging to get out what I want, too. I have a gas range and small conventional oven. So far I have been able to purchase fresh produce on a fairly regular basis- that is important to us. No way will I ever be happy eating out of cans! Oh, I also have a large microwave which is great for heating up leftovers fast when we are on the road.

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