Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

There are some street names which I first have to address. I must say it again, some people have no imagination. How would you like to live on Bee or Lady Bug Streets? Even more common than those two- Bow Tie Lane. My favorite street name? How about Bodacious? Can you imagine your first grader learning so spell, or even say the name of his street? And speaking of that word, I must say that the tulip fields which we saw yesterday were bodacious! If they look a bit wind blown, they were. Yesterday we were rocking again in our home with strong wind gusts. Rain came and went all day. But that did not stop us from getting out to see the tulip fields. These tulips are located at the Wooden Shoe Tulip farm.
We also drove to Mount Angel to see the Glockenspiel. We were there at the time it was supposed to play and we did hear the music, but no doors opened to show any swinging children. Maybe that was due to the wet weather.
We also toured Mount Angel Abbey where we met an elderly monk who has been there since 1946. He was quite eager to give us a history of the place which was established in 1882 by the Abbey of Engelberg in central Switzerland. Our final stop of the day was a covered bridge located north of Silverton and built in 1916. It is called Gallon House Bridge. That name has some interesting history. During prohibition the bridge earned its name as the place to get a gallon of illegal moonshine.

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