Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Battleground Washington

We attended services Sunday at the church of our sister-in-law Marta. It is Prince of Peace Lutheran, an LCMS church. The pastor of the church, Tony Schultz, played the guitar for several contemporary songs. His sermon was on "Breathe", based on the Bible verses of John 20:19-31. In those verses the story is told how Christ breathed on his disciples, giving them the Holy Spirit and transforming their lives forever. I had  never before connected that story with other incidences in the Bible of God breathing on someone and giving them life.It was a very interesting sermon. In the afternoon we hiked at Battleground Lake State park with Marta and her husband Terry.
 Aren't they the happy newly weds! They were married in January and now are blessed with a total of nine offspring between them. Terry's youngest son, Zach, happily joined us for the hike.
The lake in this park is called a caldera, it  is believed to have been formed from an ancient volcano. It was very still and quiet the day we were there, except for some  people  fishing. Below is a picture of the lake. 
At this park I also found another lily- of- the valley bush, this one has pink leaves and I just could not pass by it without snapping a picture.

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