Thursday, April 22, 2010

Port Townsend

We finally got a sunny day yesterday so we headed out to explore the area around us. Our first stop was at the Sklallam Tribal Center. I took the above picture at a park there, which lies on the shores of Discovery Bay. In 1874 several Sklallam tribes resisted efforts to move them to a reservation in Skohomish and bought 210 acres of land at a place they called Jamestown Beach. They were eventually able to purchase more land at a central location on Highway 101 where they established their governing offices. We stopped there to look at their Northwest Native American Expressions Art Gallery.  There are several totem poles located on the grounds, below is a picture of my brother Wayne standing by the bear totem. The bear is holding a salmon in his paws.
 There is a House of Myth Carving Shed here where visitors may view totem poles and other art work being made for the tribe. Part of the Sklallam campus here is the 7 Cedars Casino. After this stop we drove further north to Port Townsend. This small town had its heyday in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It was then a major seaport, fishing and lumber area. Over the years the town has kept many of its spacious Victorian houses and fine brick or stone downtown shops.
 And what a surprise we had, while driving through the residential area, to see these deer gazing in one of the corner lots! They acted like it was no big deal to have cars whizzing buy or people stopping to take their picture.
We had quite a delightful afternoon strolling the streets of the downtown district. Down the street and beyond the building below is the bay.
 Port Townsend has some excellent antique shops. I was amazed at the large quantity of old furniture, dishes and books in one of the stores which we wandered into. Unfortunately we presently have no home to put the stuff should we wish to purchase anything! We finished off our afternoon with an ice cream pie at the Elevated Ice Cream Store. That was a pleasant change from ordering the usual ice cream cone. The shop also advertises that it gives out small portions so one does not have to share with another person.

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