Wednesday, April 28, 2010


After being on the road for two days it did seem crazy to suddenly make a trip over to Seattle. However, our son Mike was there for a business conference and we sure hated to miss the chance to see him. He also has an important birthday coming up- his thirtieth.  It would be fun to at least buy him a drink for that milestone!  We drove over to Bainbridge Island and from there took a ferry to Seattle. Because of  heavy traffic we missed the ferry we had hoped to catch, consequently arriving later in Seattle than planned.  Mike was also busy, in fact, we need to kill about an hour before spending any time with him, so we ended up at Pike's Market. Anyone who has been to Seattle should know about Pike's Market. How about these flowers for sale there?

I do believe that if I lived anywhere near this market I would be there daily. It is a shopper's paradise, especially for fresh produce locally grown. There are also seafood-tossing fishmongers who are very interesting to watch. I sure wanted to take some fish home but that was impossible as it would be several hours before we headed back. We enjoyed what little time we had at the market and I know I am anxious to get back over there before we leave this area.
We did meet up with Mike eventually and had supper with him.We had all of one hour with him before he needed to catch his ride for the airport. It still was a great afternoon and well worth the little bit of time we could spend with Mike.

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