Monday, April 5, 2010

Silverton Oregon

The above decorated cross greeted us as we entered Immanuel Lutheran Church in Silverton yesterday. What a beautiful reminder that Christ is risen indeed!  Because of his resurrection we have the hope of eternal life with him. We attended services at this church, the home church of John's cousin Grace and her husband Peter. I was even privileged to help out with their Easter egg hunt Saturday morning, which the church opened up to the community. We hid a total of 900 eggs for the children to find! Unfortunately the hunt had to be done inside because of rain showers. After the egg hunt John and I were given a tour by Peter of his workplace, Portrait Express. Digital photography has certain made a big difference in the film industry!  Below is a mural which is on an outside wall of Portrait Express. The "Mammouth" camera did exist at one time. It was built in Chicago for the World's Fair in 1900. It took one picture, the picture of a single, detailed portrait of the new luxury train built by the Chicago and Alton Railroad Company.
After Easter services Sunday we drove out to Silver Falls State Park. This park has ten falls of various heights. The weather had been looking good that day, it was cool but sunny. We even thought the rain clouds had left the area. As we began our hike to the falls, however, it started to rain. We did get to see one of the falls before heading back home. Unfortunately this rain is to continue for two more days!

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