Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Saco Maine- July 14

Have not written on this site for a few days now because we are now at the Lohrmann family reunion here at the Silver Springs Campground in Saco. We arrived Sat. afternoon and immediately I had to work with my sister-in-law Mary Jo in preparing a supper for about 40 people. We had all the details planned out in advance so it was not hard to do. Sunday most of us were able to get to church services. About twenty-five of us made it to Holy Cross in Kennebunk. I think it was a bit of a shock for that church to suddenly see the attendance double-and it did not help that some of us arrived late due to having some difficulty in finding the place. In spite of the little stir we cause with our grand entrance,the church was very welcoming and friendly to us. I found out that we missed their blueberry festival which was last week-end. That would have been fun to attend,and even participate in. They had teams of blueberry pickers for the festival,and people also were involved in making baked goods and craft items. Proceeds went to a shelter for abused women. Sunday afternoon we went to the beach and boardwalk. The public beach in Saco is the only usable beach for swimming along the coastline of Maine. Yesterday,Monday,we went to an afternoon game of the Portland Sea Dogs baseball team. We baked in the sun until about the sixth inning,after which we started feeling a cool breeze. John and I are starting to finally feel the heat of summer here. However we are still getting some very cool nights. Back to the subject of the game;it was a good game-the Sea Dogs won nine to four. They even thrilled us with a home run! Well,it was not quite like the Cardinal games we have seen,and the attendance was like about 14,000. After the game we went to the harbor where the Shipwreck Brewery is located. It was built on what use to be the site of Henry W.Longfellow's home. The tour was not like the tour of the Busch Brewery in St.Louis(this is a much smaller brewery). After the tour they were quite generous in letting us sample their brews- all total there were about six different beers which we tried.

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