Saturday, July 4, 2009

Enfield, New Hampshire -July 4

We arrived here on July 2, at the home of our niece Karen and her husband Paul. We are parked in their driveway. They live in a beautiful wooded lot,it does feel great not to have to draw our curtains at night. We had a very scenic drive coming here. We drove along route 9n. As we were entering the town of Westport, New York we could see Lake Champlain; on our left was the Adirondacks and on our right was the Green Mountains of Vermont. It was quite spectacular to see. In fact, all day we were in and out of mountains. We saw lots of rolling hills with the roadsides dotted with daylily,chicory,daisys,and wood sorrel,to name a few that I could identify. What amazes me is that even with the cool damp weather, summer is starting to shine with all of its flowering glory. We hiked Mount Tom in Vermont yesterday with Karen and her two boys. That is Baden enjoying a rock to crawl under. Fortunately that rock was not in our path and we all did not need to follow him! They have had lots of rain here- our path up the mountain was quite muddy and we had many little streams to cross over. It was a bit rough getting up there, but the scenery at the top was worth it. We could see the town of Woodstock from there. The other two pictures I have posted here were taken at the top of the mountain.

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