Sunday, July 5, 2009

Crystal and Mascoma Lakes- July 5

The Fourth of July was quite literally a wash-out. Karen and I did make it to a farmer's market in Norwich Vt. in the morning. Wish I had access to this kind of market every time I need produce. And almost all of it at the market came from organic farms. Also we were able to hear some mountain music at the market. Spring produce is still being sold here like strawberries,lettuce and rhubarb. I could not resist and did buy more rhubarb since Karen and Paul were not sure they like rhubarb pie. I made the pie and Paul says that for the record he did try it and liked it- ditto for Karen. The afternoon of the fourth,between rain showers, we all hiked down to Crystal Lake. The heavy rain during the day made the waterfalls there quite spectacular- talk about a torrent of water which made for a heavy flow down the falls! It looked like a small version of Niagara Falls. It must have hailed just before we started out on our hike as we found small pebbles of hail along our path. And just as we completed the first half of our hike we were caught in a light downpour of rain( we started out with the sun shinning and thought that the rain had stopped). Today,while Karen and Paul took a 54 mile bike ride, John and I took Kian and Baden(their two young sons)on a hike on the Rail Trail to Lake Mascoma. Baden,who is three,did not do as well on this trail as the others. It was a clear open trail with no big rocks to climb or streams to cross- but on this path he had to stop constantly to take rocks out of his shoes and he fell several times skinning his knee on the gravel. Falling down always produced a dramatic reaction of tears from him. John's comment was:"no grand kids for us". We have enjoyed the boys very much and I have appreciated using my mothering and nursing skills again.

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