Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gaspe Peninsula Canada-July 26

In the Micmac North American Indian language gespeg means lands end. The Gaspe peninsula of Quebec juts out northward into the Gulf of St.Lawrence. It has also been called the "Cradle of Canada" because this area is where Jacques Cartier in the 16th century planted a cross in its soil for the King of France. The peninsula has 17 villages- between yesterday and today we toured through about half of them. This is a very scenic area with the Appalachian Mountains dominating the landscape. And between the St.Lawrence River and the Appalachians are little mountains call monadnocks scattered here and there(I have posted a picture here of one of those big hills). A lot of farmland in this island either have such a wooded hill in the middle of a field or the field may be butted up against the mound of stone. And speaking of fields,we saw many bright yellow fields(pictured here)which we later learned was canola- a plant in the mustard family closely related to bok choi and turnip. Some of the towns we toured today were fishing villages known for their smoked fish,which we enjoyed on bagels for our lunch today. Our road sometimes brought us close to the coastline where we could look out on sand flats of the river. Fog plagued us most of the day and may it difficult for us to see out onto the water. In the towns I again saw gabled houses with their bright colors and quirky additions of balconies and turrets. I will post a picture of one here.

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