Monday, July 20, 2009

Quebec Canada- July 20

Before I talk about our day today I wish to first mention the fact that Sat. evening we were in Jackman, Maine. (I had called the town Jack). That was a very scenic rugged area- in the Longfellow Mountains. We had a babbling brook right outside our door. I kept thinking that I had left a faucet on! Today, Monday, we took a ferry from the town of Levis into old Quebec. I have here a picture of the harbor of the St. Lawrence river, in which the hotel Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac pretty much dominates the skyline. I can't even imagine staying in a hotel that large! Once we got off the ferry we first wandered in the shopping district. It sure felt like we were in a foreign land as there are no signs in English, as there is in other Canadian cities. Many of the townspeople speak only in French. We have sure picked up a few words and phrases fast! I have posted here a picture of the shopping district we were in. We ate lunch in this area and, after eating, I wandered down the street and saw the Neptune Inn which had a mural on its outside wall. It showed the building in various stages of construction-a most unusual painting. What looked like bricks on the wall have actually been painted on. Maybe you can see what I am referring to in the picture I have posted here. From this point on we did what we should have done earlier and followed a guide book to see other historical buildings and churches. We did not see everything and our tour ended at the Citadelle. This is the old fort from which the city wall forms a 4.6 kilometre-long defensive belt around the old city. Part of it is the official residence of the governor general and the entrance to that area is guarded by Canadian soldiers. I have a picture of that here. They have a changing of the guard every hour which we did not see. As I said before, we did not cover everything in old Quebec, but our feet told us that we had done enough for the day. My brother Wayne had been hankering for some crepes so we stopped for a snack of crepes, fruit and ice cream before heading for the ferry.

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