Thursday, July 9, 2009

Newfound New Hampshire- July 9

Yesterday we left Enfield and went a short distance to the Lake Region of New Hampshire. This region has 273 lakes and ponds of all sizes. We are still surrounded by mountains- Ragged Mountain is the one nearest to us. We have been anxious to see some wildlife,the only one we saw was a red fox who greeted us on the road as we left Mt.Washington two days ago. Lots of "Moose Crossing" signs,but no sightings of those critters. Our niece has seen bear in her backyard at Enfield-but we saw none when we were there. We are now in a quiet campground with few people camping,but last night I did hear quite a few strange noises which I could not identify. The owner of the place stopped me today and showed me bear paw prints on the ground on one side of our home and said that he had picked up bear droppings on the other side this morning. Apparently a mother bear and her cubs live in a cave up the hill behind the campground. A few days ago the bear tossed a dumpster upside down. Not sure if I like bears that close! Today we drove into some small towns near here. Saw Daniel Webster's birthplace. He is in the Senate Hall of Fame;first time that I have heard of that particular hall of fame. In the town of Franklin we saw what was left of an upside-down covered bridge. It was named the Sulphite Bridge because of the sulpher used in the paper mills located in this area during the late 1800s.

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