Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Toledo, Ohio

We are spending more time in Sylvania than originally planned. Our sister-in-law Heidi broke her wrist and needed surgery this past week so we are giving Marcus and Heidi some assistance around their house. John has done many needed house repairs for them. I have helped with cooking and done some gardening. It has been enjoyable doing household chores which we have not been into for the past two years, and hanging out in a regular home. On Friday Marcus drove us into downtown Toledo to visit the art museum and take in a Mud Hens game. Heidi was still not feeling well enough to be out and about. The weather was hot, in the mid 90s. However, by the time we had toured the art museum,  it was late afternoon and the temperature was starting to come down. On the grounds of the art museum is a wonderful sculpture garden. The artwork below is titled "Vermont(Autumn)" by Jim Dine.
Also on the grounds we saw a Korean dogwood, hard to believe we are seeing dogwood blooming at the beginning of July. It is the plant in the middle of the picture below. The artwork partly hidden behind the flowers had the title of Moses.
After the art museum we dined at Tony Pacco's for supper. The original restaurant was made famous by Klinger's references to it in the television series Mash. It has some very delicious Hungarian dishes, I enjoyed a cabbage roll and John had an awesome vegetable soup. MOAD is an acronym for Mother of all Dogs.
 From there we drove to the ball park, Third Fifth Field,  home of the Toledo Mud Hens. Friday evening they played against the Columbus Clippers and won by a score of 3 to 1. We are talking minor league baseball here, it is not like seeing the St.Louis Cardinals but we still had a very enjoyable evening. And I must say that the cost to see the game and the concessions are a bit cheaper.  Great small town entertainment!

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