Friday, July 15, 2011

Green Pine Lake Pathway

Every morning my brother Wayne stops at our door to see if I will join him on a short hike. I have not turned him down yet! Behind our campground is a wooded area with marked trails. We take those trails and wind our way down to the highway where there are some open fields to walk through. Wildflowers, especially the everlasting pea are in abundance, and make the hike very enjoyable.
We are parked near the town of Harrison, it advertises that around town one can do twenty lakes in twenty minutes.  Wednesday we attempted to do three of those lakes by foot. Unfortunately the economy has hit the trails and a machete is needed to get through the thick grass on the trails! Below is a picture of a bridge that goes over the trail. It also has a downed tree over one section of it.
It was not all bad on this hike. While stumbling through one over-grown area I detected a strong floral smell and chanced to look around for the origin of that smell. It was a wild rose bush. Seeing those flowers made up for all the discomforts of the hike.
The Green Pine Lake Pathway goes around three lakes. The trail around a bog on Green Pine Lake, which we had wanted to see, was the one most impossible to walk on. Our second trail took us to Pine Lake and we completed our walk along Mud Lake. It was a wonderful day for hiking, in the mid seventies with little humidity. The blue sky with large fluffy white clouds was absolutely beautiful.

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