Saturday, July 23, 2011

Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse

 For about 400 years the upper lakes (Lake Huron and Lake Michigan) have seen a lot of boat traffic; from canoes to large ships and tankers. The lakes have also swallowed up many of those vessels, there is no accurate record, but it is estimated that 10,000 boats have gone under. Harsh, rapidly changing weather, shoals, narrow channels, and icebergs have generally been the cause of those accidents. There have been 10 lighthouses built to aid the ships in traversing the upper lakes. The lighthouse pictured below was built in 1892.
Mackinaw Bridge was completed in 1958 (it took three years to build and the lives of five men). John, being the engineer that he is, was quite fascinated with the bridge. He took pictures of it during the day, at sunset, and at dusk. We climbed the steps up to the tower of the lighthouse and took this view of the bridge. John then went to a museum and a movie which showed how the bridge was built. I chose instead to check out the shops of Mackinaw city. The bridge, beside its lights, has other navigational aids which have enabled many of the lighthouses of the the upper lakes ( as the Point Lighthouse) to become inactive.
 John and I walked to the lake shore at our campground last evening to view the bridge at dusk.
Today we have traveled on to the upper peninsula and now are parked at Escanaba, Michigan. The campground was having a corn roast, as well as a concert by The Remnants Chorus (a local barber shop quartet group).  The food was plenteous and good, the singers were great. We sat with a Michigan hunter  who regaled us with his deer stories. Also a bit of a chill in the air.  What a pleasant way to end our day!

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