Thursday, July 7, 2011

Northern Bound

Some of you have been wondering how KC has been doing.  His fur is certainly getting whiter. We probably cause his gray hair with our life style. He never knows if his home will be moving down the road or stationary. Also, whether we will be with him all day or gone for long hours. When we enter our home we can usually count on him greeting us at the door, where he is sitting in the picture above. We have been leaving him alone a lot lately while visiting with Marcus and Heidi, and that makes him quite unhappy. He shows his depression by crying around us when we come in. A few minutes of sitting on my lap in the recliner generally makes for a happier cat. Other than that issue he has been doing fine for an old man!  We left this morning to drive further north into Michigan, taking a highway which runs right through the middle of the state. I have been to Michigan many times but  had never noticed before that the central part has very few large towns. What we mainly saw today were farm fields and forests. The traffic was not  very heavy even as we drove around Lansing, the state capitol. We did see one large housing development from the highway as we drove through Isabella Indian Reservation, however. Just before reaching our destination we stopped at a Michigan Welcome Center, which we found most unusual because those places are generally located just over the state line and by then we were well into Michigan. Anyway, this center is quite beautiful with several flower gardens and sculptures of a highway construction crew.
 As you can see from the blue sky, we had a great day for traveling, the coolest weather we have had in
some time. I am looking forward to driving over the northern tier of our states in the next couple of months. At the welcome center were interesting exhibits showing what Michigan has to offer the tourist. I did not realize that its borders touch 4 of the Great Lakes. It is a wonderful place for the outdoors enthusiast; whether one enjoys hunting, fishing, skiing or canoeing. Jiffy Mix also has a display at the center, which advertises its factory in Chelsea where tours are offered daily. We are now parked in Harrison, Michigan. My brother Wayne and his wife are already parked in this campground. We will be attending a family reunion near Saginaw this coming week-end.  Unfortunately, KC will be probably alone again for some long hours!

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