Friday, January 15, 2010

San Gabriel Valley- January 14

In the past when I thought of Los Angeles my mind brought up images of the city itself, especially Hollywood. I never gave much thought about the natural setting, as the ocean and mountains. Having been here now for over a month I am coming to appreciate the beauty of this area. Yesterday we drove northeast of the city into the San Gabriel Valley. From that area we had a good view of snow covered Mt.Baldy.

After a picnic lunch we did some hiking along a mountain stream. We did not progress very far on that path  however, because the trail was quite rocky.  We did find the scenery very beautiful and tranquil with the clear water rushing over the the rocky river bed. It was nice to get away from the noisy activity of the city.

 I also have here a picture of the  Morris Reservoir and dam. The water level is certainly quite low. We are to get some heavy rains next week and maybe that will change.

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