Monday, January 4, 2010

Farmer's Market and the Grove- January 3

It was a very warm Sunday afternoon ( L.A. had a high of 79 degrees) when we headed out after church  to see some more sights of the city. When our son Mike told us about the Farmer's Market, I grabbed some shopping bags and had visions of buying lots of locally grown citrus fruit.  That was not to be. At the Farmers Market it was all about international cuisine and gift items. We found one grocery selling fresh fruit and vegetables, and, as I was picking out some oranges, I noted that they were from Florida. So, other than stopping for some lunch, we pretty much did a walk-through of the market. We wandered through one gourmet food shop where we saw barrels containing many varieties of olives and and also saw truffles with an average price of 100 dollars apiece.  Anyway, I was just pleased that we were able to pass all that by- not even succumbing to the tantalizing smell of the best doughnuts in L.A.!  So we walked on to the Grove area. 

The Grove is adjacent to the Farmer's Market. It is an open-air market anchored by Nordstrom and comprised of  up-scale shops, restaurants and a multiplex theater. Our only time sent there was in an Apple store where our son Mike up-dated us on the newest computers. We also played with the most recent ipods and iphones.

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