Friday, January 8, 2010

Long Beach Farmer's Market- January 8

John and I have decided to stay here for another month. The sunshine is just too good to pass up, especially now that the rest of the nation is receiving  an arctic blast. And there is more than enough to see and do in the Los Angeles area. We also  found another reason to hang around here a bit longer. A couple of weeks ago I saw a field of ripe strawberries, so I have been looking for some place to buy them. I found them in the stores, but they did not have the very juicy ripe from the field flavor. What a surprise to find that  I can purchase them at a farmer's market within walking distance of our home! Another bonus is that this farmer's market is a Certified Farmer's Market. That label means that what is sold in this market is locally grown.  You can tell how excited I was about what we found,  because after coming home I had to set out all our purchases and take a picture of them.

We sampled quite a bit of the produce before buying anything. We found the Chinese Grapefruit to be quite tasty. That is the large yellow fruit sitting in the middle of this picture. It is also called a Pummello. The fruit inside is very sweet, seems only to have a hint of the flavor of grapefruit. This farmer's market has two Asian farms represented, as well as an organic produce stand. One other item I want to mention here is the Kristmas Karmel Korn. It is caramel corn with a cheese coating.  I know it doesn't sound good, but we found it to be quite tasty! We were tempted to buy everything we saw, but  were reassured that the market will come back again next week on Thursday afternoon.

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