Thursday, January 28, 2010

Huntington Gardens

Camellias are now in bloom here in southern California and we saw plenty of them in the Huntington gardens. I just had to take a snapshot of one unusual one which I have posted here. After traveling around in the southwest John and I thought we had seen every kind of cactus possible. Henry Huntington, however, wanted plants for his garden from around the world. In his cactus garden we found this hairy cactus from South America.

Even with it being an overcast, gray and cool day I really felt uplifted in this garden. So many plants were in bloom, butterflies and birds(especially hummingbirds) were quite active. I would almost further describe it as quite noisy what with the birds singing and chattering.

Maybe some of you are wondering what the Shakespeare garden is all about. It is a huge lawn surrounded by statues representing the characters from his plays.


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