Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Virginia Beach

Just yesterday we were enjoying the fall colors and today we saw mainly palm trees. What a switch, and to add to our enjoyment today it was 80 degrees with a cool breeze coming off the ocean. Well, I do have to admit that the humidity was high so it was not all that perfect. I did enjoy taking my shoes and socks off to walk on the beach. The picture below is of the boardwalk and was taken from the outdoor restaurant where we ate our lunch.
In 2005 a sculpture of Neptune, a Roman mythological god of the sea, was placed along the boardwalk to commemorate the founding of the city of Virginia Beach. It is now one of the most populous cities of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Also along the boardwalk is the Norwegian Lady Statue. In 1891 a Norwegian ship, the Dictator, ran aground near Virginia Beach. Seven people including the captain's wife and son were killed. In 1962 two identical Norwegian Lady Statues were erected, one in Virginia Beach and the other in Moss, Norway. They face each other across the Atlantic Ocean. Inscribed on the pedestal are these words: " I am the Norwegian Lady, as my sister before me, to wish all men a safe return home".
I had the impression that Virginia Beach was a favorite vacation destination any time of the year. But the streets and beach had only a few people on them while we were there. One restaurant owner said she was starting to close at 2PM because there were not many diners after that time.

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