Monday, October 4, 2010

Laumeier Sculpture Park

This park is one of the St.Louis County Parks. We toured it Friday with my sister Linda and niece Katie. It is amazing that we can still find areas like this to enjoy after all the years we have lived in St.Louis. John and I had been to this park once many years ago with our children, but the park has changed a lot since then and I also think we had not taken the time then to fully explore the park. It certainly is a fun park both for the young and old. I enjoyed Ricardo Cat and had to sit inside him to completely enjoy his mosaic beauty. Katie, my niece, is sitting next to me in the picture below.
And in the picture below Katie and my sister Linda are climbing a hill just because there are steps to be climbed! It is a fun park with all kinds of surprises. Also a great place to take a young child for a hike.
John spent some time analyzing a shelter in the park. Its roof has an unusual design and he deduced that it could keep a person dry should one need to seek shelter under it from the rain.
There is a pleasant forest path through the park, which is where we found the sculpture pictured below. I rather like its title: "Ball? Ball! Wall? Wall!". It is 55 steel-marine buoys. Its creator Donald Lipski reclaims discarded objects and turns them into art.
There is a site map in a park brochure of where all the sculptures are located in this park, and from that site map I counted a total of 72 works of art. We certainly did not see them all!

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