Monday, October 18, 2010

Bull Run Regional Park

We moved our home to this park today, Monday. Last week we were outside of Richmond, Virginia helping our daughter Melissa with her move to Fairfax,Virginia. We managed to get all of her belongings in a 17 foot U-Haul. Fortunately we did have help. Melissa's friend Ryan helped us in Richmond, and in Fairfax our son Daniel and his fiance Amanda gave us a hand with the unloading. At her new apartment we had three flights of stairs to climb, and I am happy to say that John and I are not hurting too bad after that! I told John that we need to keep on hiking and climbing mountains as those activities seem to keep us in shape. Sunday afternoon we drove into Washington DC to attend church with Daniel and Amanda.  Is was another one of those times when we felt we were in a particular place of worship at a time where it was meant for us to be. The organ music and choir provided some awesome music and Pastor John Kidd gave an inspiring sermon on the importance of being persistent in our faith life- both the epistle and gospel readings for that day related well to that subject.  A "Mission Minute" was provided by a inter-racial couple who spoke on what being a part of Augustana meant to them. The church is located in downtown Washington DC, and in a community of people who come from diverse cultural backgrounds. All are welcomed in that church, and, in testimony to that fact, Augustana on Sunday had a goodly number in attendance. Many large inner city churches which we have attended are half empty, and I must say that was not our experience Sunday !

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