Monday, October 25, 2010

Chesapeake, Virginia

We certainly enjoyed our stay at Bull Run State Park. Melissa, Dan and Amanda stayed out there with us Saturday night. Dan and Amanda did a ten mile run there Sunday, in preparation for a run they are doing in North Carolina next month. The park is at its peak of autumn colors, but the trees are fast loosing those brightly colored leaves. Leaves and acorns are coming down at a fast rate. Those acorns sure make a lot of racket as they drop down on the roof of our home! Today we left the park and headed south on state highway 17 on the coastal plain of Virginia.  It was quite a beautiful drive because of the fall foliage. And it is an area rich in American history. We  passed many historical markers noting sites of  battles fought during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Appropriately enough, we crossed a road named Muddy Gut. And equally strange was the next road after Muddy Gut, its name is Upright. There has to be a connection between those two roads! After driving through the town of Newport News we drove over quite a few fingers of the Chesapeake Bay where the York and James Rivers flow into its tidewaters. We stopped for the night just outside of Portsmouth.  It is hard to believe that earlier this year we were driving along the western coast of our country and looking at the Pacific Ocean!

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