Monday, February 22, 2010

On the beach at Morro Dunes

The above picture is of the entrance to our current rv park. Off to the left of the little lighthouse is a pink gladiola  which I have been admiring. Yesterday,Saturday, we took a boat ride in the harbor of Morro Bay. Below is another view of Morro rock which I took from the boat (the picture I posted a few days back of the rock was taken near where our home is parked). Morro rock is one of a chain of ancient volcanic peaks which have been dubbed the Nine Sisters. The peaks stretch from San Luis Obispo to the Pacific.
 Today,Sunday,  John worked on getting our taxes done so I spent some time walking on the beach. There are many varieties of gulls around, but I have also seen some sandpipers and many long-billed curlew. The sandpipers are really cute in how they scurry around the beach. They almost move too fast to be seen! I did get a close-up shot of a curlew.
 Currently the harbor is being dredged to remove excess sand. Today, in the area of the beach I was walking, that sand and water was being pumped out. That explained the presence of big black pipes along the shoreline! In the picture of the dunes below you can see that black pipe.
Dumping all that sand and water on the beach does make for a mucky mess- I found that out when I accidentally stepped into it. There was a bulldozer nearby working to spread the sand and water over a wider area of the beach.Hopefully the beach will be better to walk on tomorrow! The sun is also to make its appearance then.

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