Thursday, February 18, 2010

Morro Bay Harbor

We are now parked a bit north of San Luis Obispo in the town of Morro Bay. We left Buelleton with the sun shinning quite brightly on us. Consequently we were quite surprised to be greeted with a thick fog when we drove into the rv park here in Morro Bay. The park is within walking distance of the ocean, so maybe we should not be surprised that it is socked in by fog. It did not seem as thick when we drove into the town of Murro Bay. The town has a population of 10,00 people. Here is a picture of the town looking toward it from the rv park.

We were pleasantly surprised to find out that Morro Bay does have a Lutheran church where we could attend Ash Wednesday services. Pastor Berg and the congregation of Calvary Lutheran were quite welcoming to us. The large rock pictured below can be seen from where we are parked. It seemed fitting to come within such close proximity to it at the beginning of the Lenten season- a sure reminder that Christ is the rock of our salvation! The 576 foot guard stands watch over Morro Bay Harbor. Some have dubbed it "The Gibralter of the Pacific".
From the late 1800's Morro Rock had been used as a source of materials for breakwaters throughout the state. The years of quarrying have forever changed the shape of the monolith, and yet it still covers 50 acres at its base. Fortunately in 1968, after extensive citizen effort, it was declared a State Historical Landmark. It is now a refuge for the Peregrine Falcon and climbing on the rock itself is illegal.

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