Thursday, February 4, 2010

Naples Canal Walk

I may have mentioned this area back in December. Tuesday we had a sunny day to traverse the canal walk in Naples, which was our goal to do before we leave this area. Naples is a neighborhood of Long Beach so we did not have very far to drive to get there. I found an on-line description of this community which describes it very well: "canals, gondolas, Italian named streets, waterways and expensive real estate"( like an average of one million dollars, but we were told we could  get one for less than that as a fixer-upper). Another description I found of this area said that it is a beautiful neighborhood but not useful to tourists. We did enjoy our walk. Almost every home has its own unique features as well as beautiful landscaping. Many of the houses have statues and fountains, one even has a small putting green.
And if I keep any memory of Southern California it will be that of the many different plants growing here and always something is blooming. The canal area of Naples is replete with shrubs,flowers and trees.
Pictured below is a flowering tree ( I am not sure what kind it is) and if I had not been looking at it I would have missed another tree. That is a Weeping Juniper which is flush against the house and looks like some kind of spooky apparition.  Quite an interesting tree, as it is cold tolerant and drought resistant. Seems like we should see more of them in this area as those traits are perfect for this climate.

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