Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Leonis Ranch

I just could not leave the ranch on this blog until I posted some pictures of the livestock which we saw there. In the corrals and barns were the cutest baby goats and lambs.The ranch has Merino sheep, Nubian and Angora goats.  This goat I found starring innocently at me in the barn.
The ranch also has Texas Longhorn cattle. This big bull does not seem to mind sharing his food!
And then there was this ram really getting into his food. I am not too sure how he got into the trough,probably by jumping. There is another ram feeding next to him but his feet is on the ground.
And while I am on the subject of animals, KC our cat is still doing well. We are dissolving his medicine in a syringe and shooting it into his mouth once a day. Amazingly enough, he is not fighting us when we do it either. I rather think that he enjoys the cuddling and attention we give him while we do it. Someone suggested pill pockets but he is so picky about what he eats I am sure that idea would not fly at all.

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