Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shelter Island- December 6

I have posted another sculpted urban tree here- entitled "Bats in the Bell Tree". Also posted here is part of the HMS Surprise(I was concentrating on getting the figure head on the bow,so did not get a picture of the whole frigate). This ship was used in the production of the movie "Master and Commander:The Far Side of the World". It was an 18th century Royal Navy frigate. From the harbor we drove on over to Shelter Island,where is located the Cabrillo National Monument. Juan Cabrillo set out fifty years after Columbus landed in America to claim land for the King of Spain and the viceroy of New Spain. He arrived in the Americas by 1520. He and his flotilla of three ships came into a harbor which he described as "a good and safe harbor". He stepped ashore on a strand of beach and called it San Miguel,now the site of San Diego. I have here a picture of the harbor,taken from Shelter Island. In the distance can be seen San Diego-off to the left in the picture is a naval base. We have seen large naval installations everywhere we have toured so far,in San Diego and on the islands off the mainland.

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