Monday, December 7, 2009

Coronado- December 7

Saturday we drove to Coronado,which is on a peninsula between San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean. It is a very popular beach resort and convention center. It also is a residential town- in fact we happened to wander into a local school winter festival as were heading out onto the pier. That is where we saw a Santa on a sled pulled by surf boards,which I have posted here. Another scene which struck us as a bit odd was an ice skating rink by the ocean,with palm trees as a backdrop. The skating rink was made available by the Hotel del Coronado. I have a picture of the back of the hotel here. It is commonly know as "the Del". The 1888 Hotel Del Coronado is a well-known landmark and resort with Victorian turrets and cupolas. Its history is rather amazing,as it has gone through economic reverses through the years,but has always managed to keep going. President Regan visited it a couple of times,and also held a small summit conference there. The movie "Some Like It Hot"(starring Marilyn Monroe)was filmed here. We toured the lobby and shops of this hotel,I would say it is rather up-scale for us common people!

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