Saturday, December 5, 2009

San Diego Harbor- December 5

I had to post one more picture from the zoo,those sleeping koalas were just too cute for me not to show them! Yesterday we walked along the San Diego harbor. To be more precise on the location,it was the North Embarcadero on the San Diego Bay. On this walk we were able to view the grove of sculpted "trees" comprising the Port of San Diego's sixth consecutive Urban Trees exhibit. The first one shown here is entitled "Mi mara est tu mara"(my sea is your sea). If you enlarge the picture you may see a bit of the San Diego downtown area,as well as get better details of the sculpted tree. The other picture here is of the submarine "USS Dolphin",and the ferry "Berkely". The submarine is a research submarine which supposedly has the deepest diving record. Actual test depths remain a national secret. She is the Navy's last diesel-electric submarine and after launching in 1968 has operated at the forefront of undersea naval research. The ferry(pictured next to her here)was built in 1989 to carry passengers across San Francisco Bay. In 1906 she ferried earthquake victims away from the city. She remains the finest example of Victorian era steam ferry afloat.

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