Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa Monica Beach- December 23

I arrived back in California yesterday,and it was exciting to see the sun! Saturday morning I was in Columbia Mo. where there was a winter wonderland with snow and ice. No sun on Sunday, but Monday, at Elephant Rocks State Park, the sun peeked out for a short time. So it is exciting to be in a world bathed in sunshine. After I got off the plane John and I immediately headed for Santa Monica Beach, which is a bit like Navy Pier in Chicago. It was a bit cool,so I was comfortable in my winter coat. Funny thing with Californians, if the sun is shining it is all right to be swimming in the ocean! Santa Monica Beach was quite busy yesterday; with people not only swimming, but also biking or taking in the amusement rides. We enjoyed watching the novices practice at the trapeze school. Also it was fun watching the sea gulls dive for french fries,which I have pictured here. It was a bit unusual to take in all this activity while listening to Christmas carols being played by local artists, or to see the Christmas dolls offered for prizes on the midway.

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  1. You guys did make it out to see the Pier! Good to see.