Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 22- Americus and Dolthan

We attended the First Presbyterian Church in Americus. It seemed to be a small congregation, so I was surprised when a man stepped up front with a shovel to make an announcement. Turns out that the church was going to have ground-breaking that afternoon for a home it was building for a homeless man in the community. Driving back to our rv later that day. we saw many peanut farms and consequently John and I came up with many questions about the peanut plant-- how it is grown and harvested. We visited a friend in Dolthan Al., Roy Wise, who had all the answers to our questions as he had grown up on a peanut farm -- one thing we found interesting is that during the harvest nothing on the plant is wasted. After the peanuts are removed, the plant is dried and then baled like hay to feed cattle. Before I close here I have to share with you two signs which I saw in Blakely Ga: "Welcome to Blakely, we are peanut proud". And a store there had the name "Persnickety" and claimed that it was a "purveyor of fine things".

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  1. My first Character on World of Warcraft was Named Persnickety. She was also a purveyor of fine things. :)