Saturday, March 7, 2009

first day-March 7

Wow Mike, I bet this entry surprises you. Would you believe I am very warm tonight writing this- and would you also believe this rv park had sleet and snow last week-end? So it was ok that we were slow in getting started. We hung around Farmington an extra day so we could show off the rv to some former classmates of your Dad ( high school)- and we also did some hiking with our brother-in-law Jim in Hickory Canyon. What a beautiful warm day that was. We had a slow start this AM because one of the rv jacks was slow in coming up and was leaking hydraulic fluid. As we were analyzing the problem the rv suddenly lurched and the jack came up. Not sure what it will do tomorrow. Where are we now? Somewhere north of Little Rock- in an rv park noted for its gospel music and Bluegrass- what we could make out in the dark, it has a huge outdoor theater. Unfortunately the shows do not start up until next month. Not sure right now whether we will be here one or two days. Our home is sitting quite close to a lake- the night sounds are great with geese honking, and frogs courting -- if the scenery is pretty tomorrow in the daylight, we may stay around another day. We saw Spring today and do not have to wait any longer to see blooming daffodils. I have waxed poetic long enough- more later.


  1. Hope the RV is ok. Jealous of your early spring, can't wait to hear more.

  2. What a crazy idea...I love it! Retired couple selling their home for an RV so they can see the country? What a story!

    Looking forward to reading more about your journey. Hope you guys have a WONDERFUL time! Enjoy!

  3. Wow, that RV is a beaut!

    Can you write a bit about the RV itself? What is an RV jack for? Did yours keep working? What else is in that thing? I've never travelled in an RV before, and I'm very curious.

    I hope you two have a terrific time travelling the country, and I really look forward to reading about it on your blog!