Friday, March 20, 2009

March 20- Okaloosa Fl.

Actually, we are east of Pensacola. We had a very scenic drive today, in fact, I (Diana) did not fall asleep once. Well, part of the day I was driving and white-knuckling. No sleeping or even day-dreaming while driving this rig! Anyway, it was enjoyable today driving on many bridges over large bodies of water on inter-state ten. Coming from Lafayette La., we crossed the Breaux Bridge over Henderson lake (a very beautiful swamp- with lots 0f tall grasses and cypress trees). Then we crossed the Atchafalaya River ( actually we crossed that river several times today). Then there was Whiskey Bay. And in this area there were many signs advertising cajun food-- especially crayfish and boudin in local restaurants ( boudin is a sausage stuffed with pork and rice). Wish we had taken the time to try boudin! Back to our journey: we next crossed Bayou De Glesias ( you can tell I had fun keeping track of these names). After that, Port Allen, before crossing the Mississippi River and entering Baton Rouge. Next we went over the Amite and Pearl Rivers near the Mississippi state line. Later, after a quick supper at the Florida Welcome Center, we crossed the longest bridge (for us today) across the Pensacola Bay. It was thrilling to see this wide expanse of water at sunset. We are now setting up for the night at (no suprise here) "River's Edge RV Park". We plan to leave the motorhome here tomorrow ( and KC) and take a two day trip to Plains Ga. I think KC will enjoy not being on the move.

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  1. John & Diana - Enjoying your adventure - will think of John tomorrow eve. at Prop.Meet. Diana, many bulbs in bloom around church, also the weeping cherry is gorgeous. Will miss your help this year!

    sandy mergenthaler